It has been so long!

2014-01-04 23:48:07 by MackProductions

Oh man!  I am sorry I have not been updated/uploaded anything here for... years.  Many years.  Too many years.

Since my last video - I have graduated college, moved to the west coast, worked as an Animator on Robot Chicken, Frankenhole, and ParaNorman.  I now work at LAIKA, currently animating on their next film, The Boxtrolls.

My old site is sadly gone, but all my recent stop motion work can be seen at


Thank you, Newgrounds.  You were vital.

Love, Dan MacKenzie

Just a quick post

2008-01-30 21:46:52 by MackProductions

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for all the supporters of my work, I really appreciate it. I haven't uploaded a lot since "Lethal Lens", I've done a short for , a short animation using snow, and helped on a music video for Daniel Johnston. All that can be found on my site,

Hopefully I make something suited for NG soon. This is where I got my solid start, and want to make sure to not stop uploading my work here.

Take care everyone,

Dan MacKenzie

Just a quick post