Entry #2

It has been so long!

2014-01-04 23:48:07 by MackProductions

Oh man!  I am sorry I have not been updated/uploaded anything here for... years.  Many years.  Too many years.

Since my last video - I have graduated college, moved to the west coast, worked as an Animator on Robot Chicken, Frankenhole, and ParaNorman.  I now work at LAIKA, currently animating on their next film, The Boxtrolls.

My old site is sadly gone, but all my recent stop motion work can be seen at http://www.mackmation.com


Thank you, Newgrounds.  You were vital.

Love, Dan MacKenzie www.Mackmation.com


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2014-01-05 08:09:15

That was amazing. You should post this on Newgrounds. The quality is pro, the story is sweet. Can I ask you what material was used for this? was that foam latex or really smooth playdoh? Also what was the cam setup?



2014-01-05 08:57:36

Awesome to hear that things are going well and you got to work on so many cool projects! NG supports video uploads now for animation so if you have any stop motion that you can share here, you don't need to cram it into an SWF anymore.

I just saw a teaser for the Boxtrolls! Trying to think of where I saw it, maybe before Frozen in the theater? Would it be running previews in theaters yet?

MackProductions responds:

Thanks, Tom! Good to hear from you again. That is awesome news about the video uploads now. I will definitely upload a few of my newest animations here, now!

Yep! The Boxtrolls' teaser played before Frozen. With behind the scenes clips and what-not. (There was a shot of me animating in that teaser at one point, but didn't make the cut) There's still a ways to go before it's released in September, but we're almost done shooting it.

Nice to be back to NG. Thanks for the warm welcome.


2014-01-06 20:58:40

It's great to hear an NGer is doing such cool stuff now. Best wishes.


2014-01-08 18:10:35

Oh my God, each day on NG I find myself more and more amazed of the wonders we can find here. This is the best website ever! I loved all your animations, it's great you're back. Keep up with this awesome job